creative director

Being passionate about fashion and art,
as well as a great lover of travel and culture characterized
with a particular predisposition towards creativity, she begins
to observe in an increasing manner that which is the fashion world
and so decides to embark on a new adventure by launching
herself in the world of beachwear.

In 1999 she patents the “Emamò” brand and sees
to the design up until 2013. From 2014 she becomes the creative
director of the “Anjuna” brand. The manner in which she sees
fashion is so unusual and innovative which immediately alerts
the fashion press industry to applaud her and to instantly consider
her the designer who has transformed the concept of
beach and summer wear thanks to her way of interpreting the collection.

Not only bikini, but dresses, long dresses, kaftan skirts and shirts, all beautiful
to wear, valued because of the original prints and
crafted in excellent quality, exquisitely “made in Italy”,
enriched by unusual appliqués, and lace trimmings.

The mood which is so distinguished is characterized by a passionate creativity
fueled by constant research coupled with a huge dose
of refined sensitivity for the contemporary.
This gives life to creations of great charm,
with a strong impact producing great femininity and richness in glamour.

For these reasons the collections
carrying her name have always attracted interest and the
approval be it of the most pretigious ‘pret à porter’ boutiques,
as well as of the most important dealers in the sector,
undoubtedly attracted by the beauty and uniqueness of
the article, and also due to the fantastic sell out thereby
decreeing success on a national and international scale.

She is acclaimed as the lead designer
in beach wear by the press, by many celebrities,
among them Noemi Campbell, Valeria Mazza, Elle Macpherson,
Victoria Beckham, Rachel Roberts, and by
bloggers among them like Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni all loving to wear
the creations the world over. The beachwear fashion has
become the ambassador of its romantic style which is
innovative at the same time.

In 2012, at Cannes, at the ‘Creative Excellence of Beach Wear International Exhibition’,
she was presented with the prestigious award of recognition:
“for the incomparable and stimulating creativity
in the search for and presentation of relating excellence “.

Emanuela Corvo highlights her concept
of style with the 2015 ANJUNA collection. It i displays unique
fascination, precious quality, high spirited, ironic,
with a strong scenic impact rich in feminine seduction
and contemporary endearment :
a must for the summer dress 2018